Saturday, June 20, 2009

Let the games begin....

What's it all about? The Game of Kings starts very soon and to get an idea of the narrative behind the artwork check out the introduction for some clues to this exciting concept.

Let the games begin....

It was somewhere but nowhere, it was neither up, down, forwards nor back.

It was there.

The place just existed.

It was the Hollywood version of the after life or maybe heaven in appearance.

Everything was white and a swirling mist seemed to obscure anything within three metres of eyesight.
Within this scene sat three ancients on identical thrones.
They were dressed in white robes with flowing hair beard and moustaches that seemed all to morph into each other to become one shiny mane obscuring their faces.
The only striking physical feature was their diamond pink eyes.
Their chairs were high backed that extended above their heads and had wide armrests.
The ever-present mist obscured the ancient’s feet.
As if to distinguish between them each held a different item in their hands.

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