Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Phase Two release Part 16

20. KNe2-f4 20. g3-g2
21. KBf1xg2 21. KRg8xKBg2

The Skeleton General impressed by the University Bishop decided he too should take an active role and almost to flaunt his independence rode in front of the King’s battle headquarters.

See the Bone army move out was the moment the patient but blood hungry Black army Leapers were waiting for and moved further to White armies fortifications and the prize all those that served a master craved. Promotion.


The King’s Bishop; the Angel had been in conflict since the very start of the battle. Everything about the field had a familiar air about it, even the King all of a sudden seemed closer in spirit than before. If only he could remember and lose this confusion that had almost made him useless so far. He had visions before reaching this place of leading the army beside the King to an early and easy victory but nothing had been so far from the truth. His King seemed confused and conflicted. Then as if his thoughts were an omen the King ordered the Angel to defend an attack from the Leapers that had taken both his priests and the Bone Generals men. This time he felt his King was right. His King was right and the Angel sought vengeance for all those the Leapers had killed with a deadly hand.