Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The entire field came to a stand still at the moment the Bullrock struck the Angel’s head and it separated from its body. Streams of blue light burst from the open neck wound and lit the entire field with a radiance that could only be described as magical.
The Bullrock stood stunned as its victim fell, feeling as if all the happiness it had ever known had been drained from its very being.

Those who weren’t stunned by the blue light looked skyward and for the briefest of moments thought they saw three bearded, age weary faces peering down at them.

How many millennia had the game been played?
How many contests?
In every one, a certain outcome had been reached – predictable as they would often be… but this?
From their three thrones, the Ancients could only stare in disbelief at the chaos below…

’What can I say Brothers? It looked like a fair fight on paper , maybe give the current board holder a little bit shorter odds and after only two moves the White Army went out to unbackable.
I don’t think I’ve seen a worse strategy for quite a few millennia.
This, mind you, with an Angel at the helm and another in the ranks.
I was sure this was another Black Army white wash.’

‘Indeed brothers, to show such promise only to collapse into chaos… you’d be given to think that one of the holy host would have better control of its subjects. And their Queen! A sacrifice such as that so early in the game? Aparently an abundance of pride is a common thread that runs through the ranks of the fallen.’

‘By all means and with pride comes a fall, albeit a mighty fiery one, hey Brother.
But to their credit the White Army Generals seem to have much intestinal fortitude, realising only all too well their King and his Angel pet could very well smite them to dust they took matters into their own hands and changed the course of the battle.’

’They certainly did at that. To see such… lesser… beings so brazenly ignore the will of their King, AND meet the Black Spear head-on. It has certainly raised the quality of the entertainment. Even those who have fallen, have done so valiantly.
And that vessel of stone and steam – such destructive power contained within its walls! I would almost have been convinced that it would remain unmatched upon the battlefield.
Of course, doing so would discount the Black King’s pet. Such a shame that there hasn’t been a fortification built that can withstand its hammer…’

‘Or being…. Let’s be realistic here brothers, hands up who thought we were the only ones who knew the secret of disposing of Angels?
Hmmm… I can see that one took you by surprise too….’

‘So, brothers, we’ve seen these two armies test each other on the board, and I for one am left too confused to call the victor. I’d hoped that we may have seen a change of the guard (that Black King has held the board for too long, methinks), but when an opportunity presents itself, this rabble that calls itself the white army sabotages itself in a spectacular fashion.
At the very least, they’ve certainly confused their opposition, yielding some entertaining results – personally I am glad to see the back of those so-called ‘bishops’. Such a shame that the mighty beast who crushed them so effortlessly in turn fell in swift fashion. Perhaps there’ll be more surprises for us before this disaster of a game is through?’

’Disaster, but compelling viewing Brother.
Do You think anyone saw us down there, when the Angel spiked?’

Below the clouds, the battle continued…