Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Game of Kings Review Part 2

As we now have reached the penultimate release of the T Shirt wave of the Game of Kings (GoK) project I would like to reflect on some of its aspects since the idea was first floated some eight months ago.

This is a project of artistic and personal growth.
One man had an idea and was so excited at its possibilities he asked like minded artists to contribute. His own enthusiasm was enough to recruit his first choice wish list. That person of course was Simon Sherry.
The fact that this project has grown and evolved over these past months is testament to the other artists chosen.
This has been a project of testing ones comfort zones and abilities.
If I can draw attention to the artists themselves.
Incredibly popular members such as Scott Robinson, Roger (Ruby Red Design), Glen Smith (No Frills Art) and Jen Hacking (thickblackoutline) have all offered something outside of their usual styles.
It may not be evident at first but a closer look at Scott and Rogers work sees line work, half tone and colour experimentation unlike previous works. Jen has abandoned her usually whimsical style for harder and more aggressive character and experimented with effects like diamonds. Glen who usually works in themes and more topical issues has created a montage of images to reveal stunning characters that deserve their own tales.
Other popular members sjem and Jordan Clarke have shown us hidden skills and strengths and introduced totally new styles never exhibited here in their personal Red Bubble folios.
Sjem with his architecturally inspired CAD drawings of monster steam punk engines and Jordan with her hand drawn and masterfully coloured horse related creatures.
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The White Army Announcement.

The White King summoned all his bishops, generals and auxiliary staff to congress, there were things that needed to be explained. Not all things however. No matter how absolute and despotic his reign may be, certain things could still cause rebellion and mutinous behavior given the conditions they would be bound to under the laws of the celestial battlefield.
Questions had been asked of course.
“Where is this campaign?”
“How shall we arm against this enemy, for we know nothing of them or their lands”
“Ummm….who are we fighting again?”

The White King had duped his subjects. His collective memory was greater than the Bishop Angel who had totally wiped all memories from its conscience regarding it’s crime and subsequent punishment. The Angel didn’t even have the ability to recognize the King as one of its own, something the King had been aware when he had found the fallen Angel all those centuries ago.

The King had watched the battles millennia before and knew that it had been the ruination of Kingdoms and worlds foolish enough to attempt it.
He also knew it may be a way home.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Game Of Kings Artist Interview: Sjem

Ever-elusive, the artist known as Sjem has been a valuable contributor to the Game of Kings project. Managing to pin him down and restrain him with the aid of a crack team of commandos, we recorded the following before he managed to overpower us and make good his escape…

Can we have a few words about your good self?
I spend most of the working week being an architect. Redbubble is where I come to share all other things that leak out of my brain. I also wish I had the ability to grow facial hair.

So that leads to the question how did you get involved with the project?
I think it was shortly after the London Calling Competition that I recieved a bmail from Master Sherry. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse, the scale of this collaboration is simply fantastic and the company I’m in is esteemed. It’s been a great experience in being able to give and receive feedback and comments from a pool of amazing talent. The place my work ended up is nowhere near where I would have predicted in the beginning.

How do you personally think it is going and do you think it has potential? What an incredible ride this has been, and I suspect that ‘setting the board’ is just the beginning. Everyone in the team has produced incredible work and the diversity of styles is a testament both to Simon’s skilled selection of collaborators and the talent of the collaborators themselves. I’d love to see other people drawn in – a book or comic, followed by figurines and then a movie deal with Peter Jackson, early retirement, and then a 10 year reunion where we try to create a sequel but instead act like a bunch of spoilt divas and spend the rest of our lives bitching about each other. That could be fun I reckon.

Do you want to flog some other projects you are involved in?
Not much in the project box at the moment to be honest. Sorry.

We’ll be sure to find something to keep him busy …

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Game Of Kings Artist Interview: Danny

You’ve been a member of Redbubble now for over 2 years and we know enough about you so let’s get stuck into the questions shall we? How did you get involved with the Game of Kings?

I was invited after the design crew was put together by Simon. It was on the recommendation of Glen Smith and Scott Robinson who I’ve done so much work with and they knew instinctively that this is something I would jump at the chance to be involved with.

Mind you, at this point in time they didn’t how or why (neither did I at that stage) but I’m glad they did because after a few chats with Simon I cottoned on that his scope was far bigger than I first thought they would try to achieve and that was when I was hooked.

This was going to be on an epic scale and had the potential to be a multi media bonanza, something I had wanted to achieve with Monk Rock. Simon didn’t think quick collaboration – he wanted to throw it into the air and see how far it could spread out in all directions.
It was obvious from the get go that it was going to work when a forum was set up and people started throwing ideas around like a pie fight.
The best way to describe it was like having ten people standing around a ping pong table and just bouncing the ball from one paddle to another building up momentum.
A lot of the designs, character traits and narratives came from these early days and the project grew from there.

What’s been your experience being part of the project to date, and how do think it will be received?

I don’t know how it’ll be received to be honest, initial reaction has been good and a few t shirts have been sold but as far as I’m concerned this is only the beginning. In fact it’s Phase
One of many yet to come.
As for my experience, I can say it has been fantastic and enlightening and came along when I really needed an artistic challenge in my life.

But getting back to the original question

When I got invited in to be part of this project I thought it was the most brilliant concept and from the start I wanted to do the most exciting things we could possibly do and that was all I could ask for.

That’s what it’s always been about, really enjoying and getting genuinely
excited about the possibilities. Not necessarily achieving anything of my own ambitions just going into it with that sense of wonder and imagining what it could be if we got it right.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wave Eight T Shirt Release

Wave Eight Preview due out 14 October 2009

White Queen Rook by sjem
Black Queen's pawn by Simon Sherry
White King Bishops Pawn by Quigonjim
Black King by Simon Sherry

Monday, October 5, 2009

Game Of Kings Artist Interview: Scott Robinson

Our interviewee this time is Scott Robinson, a man who has been here on Redbubble creating, inspiring and giving since the very beginning.

Could you start by telling us a little about yourself ? Do you have a “day” job?

A little about myself?

Well, yep, I’ve definitely got a day job, I’m a full time graphic designed and illustrator and I run my own little design studio in the evenings. That’s a fair few hours dedicated to designing per day, but it’s the only thing I’ve ever been relatively proficient at. I’m also 100% addicted to coffee, I think those 2 things are related though..

Which artists influence or inspire you?

Oh, far too many to mention really, I’m really in love with art/design, so anyone that can provoke a response from me gets my admiration.

At the heart of things though, It’s all about skate-art for me really. Artists Like Vance Courtland Johnson, Andy Jenkins, Sean Cliver, Neil Blender, A.Hourtley, the Mighty Jim Phillips just to scratch the surfaces. Then there’s people like Jeff Soto & Nate Van Dyke, both of whom I’m currently fascinated with. THEN.. there’s all my comic book heroes, Jack Kirby, Mark Silvestri, Romita’s both junior and senior… there’s just so many people I admire out there.

On top of that, there’s all these people I’ve found here at Redbubble that I’ve had to add to that list too. There’s some truly gifted art ninja’s amongst us here.