Saturday, October 17, 2009

Game Of Kings Artist Interview: Danny

You’ve been a member of Redbubble now for over 2 years and we know enough about you so let’s get stuck into the questions shall we? How did you get involved with the Game of Kings?

I was invited after the design crew was put together by Simon. It was on the recommendation of Glen Smith and Scott Robinson who I’ve done so much work with and they knew instinctively that this is something I would jump at the chance to be involved with.

Mind you, at this point in time they didn’t how or why (neither did I at that stage) but I’m glad they did because after a few chats with Simon I cottoned on that his scope was far bigger than I first thought they would try to achieve and that was when I was hooked.

This was going to be on an epic scale and had the potential to be a multi media bonanza, something I had wanted to achieve with Monk Rock. Simon didn’t think quick collaboration – he wanted to throw it into the air and see how far it could spread out in all directions.
It was obvious from the get go that it was going to work when a forum was set up and people started throwing ideas around like a pie fight.
The best way to describe it was like having ten people standing around a ping pong table and just bouncing the ball from one paddle to another building up momentum.
A lot of the designs, character traits and narratives came from these early days and the project grew from there.

What’s been your experience being part of the project to date, and how do think it will be received?

I don’t know how it’ll be received to be honest, initial reaction has been good and a few t shirts have been sold but as far as I’m concerned this is only the beginning. In fact it’s Phase
One of many yet to come.
As for my experience, I can say it has been fantastic and enlightening and came along when I really needed an artistic challenge in my life.

But getting back to the original question

When I got invited in to be part of this project I thought it was the most brilliant concept and from the start I wanted to do the most exciting things we could possibly do and that was all I could ask for.

That’s what it’s always been about, really enjoying and getting genuinely
excited about the possibilities. Not necessarily achieving anything of my own ambitions just going into it with that sense of wonder and imagining what it could be if we got it right.

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