Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Game of Kings Artist Win big Time

Game of Kings artists clean up in the Red Bubble / New York Comic Con Challenge.

Just after the final pieces were revealed in the Game of Kings Phase Two roll out, the forum in which it was released the Red Bubble art site announced that it was hosting a stall at the New York Comic Convention (NYCC) the brief was simple:
“To create your very own, highly original, comic book character. Superhero or villain. Splendidly powerful, embarrassingly weak, or just quite good at chess. Give them skills you’ve always wanted or defects you’ve always dreaded. Give them a snappy name and stick them on a t-shirt.”

All up 85 artists entered (which was culled back from 126 after entrants that didn’t meet the stringent conditions were omitted – such as copyright infringement)
Seven GoK artists competed with six finishing in the top 10.
The to top it off all four prizes (Main and three runners up) were won by the GoK team- a clean sweep.
Major prize was won by Steven Austin (ausven) and the three minors by Simon Sherry, Shanamation (Damian Shanhan) & Mat Dunn.
Steven won a $200 RB voucher and will have 300 of his design printed on Tshirts and given away at the CominCon.
Congratulation Guys.