Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Black Army Bishop - Part 2

No one questioned the Shaman, even the King let it do what it wanted most times unchallenged.
There was good reason for this, the Shaman was mad.
Not angry mad but loopy, few sheep short in the paddock, stark raving type of mad.
Having dual personalities didn’t help the situation, especially when half male the other female.
It was always in conflict with itself and ironically only ever felt whole when it could split its personalities and fight for its master and mistress on the glorious battle field.
But since there were usually decades between each challenge the Shaman continued to dual internally with itself to do what made it happy and upset itself at the same time..
It was a lonely existance.
Since both personalities of the Shaman hated each other with a passion this internal seething resentment and anger to either go out shopping with girls or play poker with the guys had driven the dark magician insane.