Sunday, September 6, 2009

The White pawn - I get by with a little help from my friends.

A special insight to the proces by Scott Robinson,

I thought I`d share a little of the backstory that went along with the recently released WhitePawn from the GameofKings

This piece truly was a collaborative effort, as you`ll soon see.

It satrted out looking like this.. this was my primary idea, a brutish looking behomoth.

This is still at sketch stage obviously.., nothing fancy. But the idea`s there.

I put it to my fellow collaborators, and released there was a couple of things left a little lacking. After reading through Danny`s backstory for the charector, I thought he needed a little more destructive force.

The actual group forum post was this.. “

Started the inking, and had a bit of a re-think about the front hand. I re-read Danny`s descprition, and the idea of grafts really struck a chord with me.
So I just sketched up, ( really, really roughly, as you`ll see) this front hand. I`m thinking of making it a mace. I drew it seperate to the rest of the drawing, so it`s not by any means the perfect position, but it could look cool if I drew it right.. I don`t like the spikes though, I think I`ll just go with crushing ball type of thing, Steel stub on his hand, chains, and a big crushing ball…”

So, with the help of the team, I came to this point

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