Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Entry

This is the last sequence before the start of Phase Two of the Game of Kings story: The Battle.

When the White King eventually emerged from his campaign tent, the whole army seemed to sense his arrival and a sudden hush came over all those assembled.

He walked over to the Bishop Angel – who gave no acknowledgement – stood next to him and stared in the same direction.

As if following some unspoken order the rest of the army stared off in the same direction in total silence.
In a matter of seconds the cloudless mid afternoon lilac sky deepened to a dark purple and a mist formed unnaturally fast, making the area above and around them seem encased in fog.

As quickly as the fog appeared it withdrew, but in doing so revealed that the landscape had changed. The mist still swirled and lifted, hiding the sky.

Before them lay a field as flat as a table, covered in lush green grass, kept liked a mowed lawn which stretched to the horizon where it too became engulfed in mist. Behind them the lush lawn did the same but in this direction to only a distance of about two hundred metres.

A glance to the left and right held the biggest shock, for the lawn was bordered on either side by steep rocky outcrops that rose to peaks concealed/hidden by the mist.

It didn’t take long for the experienced Generals to realise they were bound in, trapped one could say.

The army was in danger of breaking ranks when the White King announced “Calm” and when he had his army’s full attention declared: “Behold your opponent!”

As if by divine decree (and who said it wasn’t) at a distance of about four hundred metres away the field began to shimmer with light. Most of the army members shielded their eyes but the light dimmed as quickly as it had appeared – revealing another army.
Even from such a distance, they appeared a mass of darkness and flame and unholy noise.

The collective thought going through the mind of every member of the army of the White Wing, other than the King and his Angel themselves was: “What in hell are we fighting?”

Three leaders’ thoughts, although also in unison, were nothing short of treasonous.

The Skeleton General, the Equilord and the mighty Rock Titan no longer believed they could put their trust in their leader for this battle.

Monday, October 11, 2010


He is the man in the gas mask whose work ethic can never be questioned.

Fresh from exhibitions, books and toys we interview Mathew Dunn the very popular Melbourne artist.

Where you aware of the GoK project before you were invited to join and what is your opinion of the collaboration?

I stumbled across GoK shortly after joining RedBubble. I was blown away by the complexity of the project and immediate thought ‘The people in charge of this must be completely unhinged!’ (a suspicion verified as fact once I got to know those in charge). Artistic collaborations of any kind are always exciting to watch and participate in, and when it carries the themes and approach of GoK then it’s even more exciting.

Tell us a bit about yourself
Influences, ambitions, hopes and dreams.

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, and my love of comics matches that time frame. Influences range from 70’s cartoons and horror/exploitation films, through to a wide range of artists including Henry Darger, Mike Mignola, Ashley Wood, Kent Williams, Dave McKean, Gary Gianni, John Paul Leon, Jeff Lemire, and many many more. My hopes and dreams are varied, but often circle around the subjects of comics and toys. Some of those dreams have come true, those that remain unattained are worth chasing to the ends of the earth for however long it takes.

Is there anyone or anything you want to flog?

I’d suggest everyone go to the GoK page to check it out, then go and check out the individual folios of every artist involved. The talent is inspiring. Then when you’re done with that pop over and say hi ;-)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


A prelude to the Game of Kings Project Phase Two

Damien Mason has been a popular member of Red bubble and great addition to the GoK line up. Damien is a web and flash developer as well as being pretty handy with certain pieces of cutlery.
You can see more of Damien here on his blog and his website
Were you aware of the GoK project before you were invited to join and what is your opinion of the collaboration?

Yeah of course I was aware, is anybody not by now? I thought the individual pieces were brilliant, some of them especially blew my mind with their creativity and visual perfection. I’m not sure I fully appreciated how they all worked together up until now however.. I don’t particularly want to use the word “Epic” but holy shit.. epic.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Your Influences, ambitions, hopes and dreams.

Okay.. I’m nearly 30, married, have a son who’s nearly 2, live in Radelaide and play with Japanese swords on a weekly basis. My influences are many and varied, from comics and animation to random awesome art I happen to stumble across online or in the street. My goal is to always improve. Yes, I’m like a character from Japanese comics. Call me Naruto.
Long term, I’m looking to get my art up to a point when I’m happy with it and then maybe have an exhibition. I’ve got plans to sell some signed prints as well, and one day I would love to design a few toys. Maybe illustrate a kid’s book. Generally create something worthwhile and leave some kind of legacy when I go
Is there anyone or anything you want to flog?
These are what I’m currently working on some special A3 prints