Sunday, October 3, 2010


A prelude to the Game of Kings Project Phase Two

Damien Mason has been a popular member of Red bubble and great addition to the GoK line up. Damien is a web and flash developer as well as being pretty handy with certain pieces of cutlery.
You can see more of Damien here on his blog and his website
Were you aware of the GoK project before you were invited to join and what is your opinion of the collaboration?

Yeah of course I was aware, is anybody not by now? I thought the individual pieces were brilliant, some of them especially blew my mind with their creativity and visual perfection. I’m not sure I fully appreciated how they all worked together up until now however.. I don’t particularly want to use the word “Epic” but holy shit.. epic.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Your Influences, ambitions, hopes and dreams.

Okay.. I’m nearly 30, married, have a son who’s nearly 2, live in Radelaide and play with Japanese swords on a weekly basis. My influences are many and varied, from comics and animation to random awesome art I happen to stumble across online or in the street. My goal is to always improve. Yes, I’m like a character from Japanese comics. Call me Naruto.
Long term, I’m looking to get my art up to a point when I’m happy with it and then maybe have an exhibition. I’ve got plans to sell some signed prints as well, and one day I would love to design a few toys. Maybe illustrate a kid’s book. Generally create something worthwhile and leave some kind of legacy when I go
Is there anyone or anything you want to flog?
These are what I’m currently working on some special A3 prints

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