Saturday, May 14, 2011

Phase Two release Part 4 The Black King Sees no Challenge | The Leapers Attack

Phase Two release Part 4 The Black King Sees no Challenge | The Leapers Attack
6. h2-h4 ……………………..6. g5xh4
7 g2-g3 ……………………….7. h4xg3


The Black King knew armies were intimidated by the celestial battlefield and were slow to reach their full potential, usually and thankfully too late for their own survival.
But never had he’d seen such inept moves so early in battle. It almost seemed this White Wing Commander was trying to lose the battle rather than win.
The King felt a little pang sensing this battle would offer no challenge. They were no better, maybe marginally worse than those he had fought before and he prepared to wipe them out.
He watched with disdain as his minor army of Leapers laid sections of the White Army to waste down the field.



3. e2-f3………………. 3.QBg4-h5
4. B2 –B3 ………………… 4. QNb8-c6
5. QNb1-c3 ……………………5. g7-g5


The White army could only look on in horror as the Shaman incinerated the unprepared Queen’s forces and their screams could be heard all the way back to the King’s battle tents.

The White King stood emotionless as gasps of horror rose up from the lines of battle hardened soldiers.
His reaction was swift. He ordered the Dead Army Knight to attack the Fire Shaman head on. The Skeleton General assessing such a move knew it was suicide and refused to move. The experienced General recognised pointless retaliation when he saw it.

He knew his life was forfeit – so what?

The King he used to know was beyond this.

The King’s Bishop stopped the General’s refusal from reaching the King, sensing that a mutiny minutes into a battle would do no one any good. Though he considered the General an abomination, he knew the risen soldier had the knowledge to help well into the fight.

So the Angel knowing the rewards of sacrifice ordered his own priests forward with instant if not unexpected results.

Unbeknownst to the opposing army the Shaman had attacked with a trifle too much enthusiasm and had nearly exhausted her stocks when the White Army Priests charged out. She retreated to the safety of the flanks to recoup her strength.

The White King was furious and the General would be a small stain on the ground if he could justify it. The Angel’s move had undermined his authority as much as the Bone soldier’s had, but also proved to the rest of the army he had made the right decision ignoring his King’s orders.

All through the ranks the King’s fears were being realised. The University Bishop and the Equilord seriously doubted the King’s ability to lead. The Equilord had his people’s welfare to protect and really didn’t give a damn about the King’s ambitions.

The Equilord decided he would go it alone against an unknown enemy that seemed to have been dragged from the pits of Hell itself.

The White King hadn’t expected mutiny so early in the piece, though he had known it was inevitable in the scheme of things. He knew he was vulnerable on the battlefield but none of his army was aware of this.

He just prayed that the Angel would stay loyal just a little while longer

The King made some rudimentary moves to counter the Black King but
after sacrificing two more pawn armies to minor battalions the King was abandoned by his Generals.