Friday, July 8, 2011

Phase Two release Part 19

22. KNf4xKRg2 22. d5-d4

The entire field came to a stand still as the moment the Bullrok struck the Angel head and it separated from its body. Streams of blue light burst from the open neck wound and lit the entire field with a radiance that could only best described as magical.
The Bullrok stood stunned, as it’s enemy fell feeling as if all the happiness it had ever known had been drained from its very being.

Those who weren’t stunned by the blue light looked skyward and for the briefest of moments thought they saw three bearded, age weary faces peering down at them.
The Skeleton General who had caught the Bullrok attack at the last moment had no idea his movement away earlier had caused so much mayhem and seeing the Angel killed filled him with dread, the irony of a reanimated skeleton General thinking how does one kill the un-killable was lost on him.
He turned his men around and attacked the Bullrok as it had attacked the Angel with full force as it stood unprepared.
The Bullrok offered no resistance and almost seem to give itself to death as the General’s skeletal men chopped it down.