Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Phase 2 Release Part 2 The White Queen burns.

The White Queen burns.
2. Q-g4 ……………….. 2. QBxg4Q


And disaster he got.

The Queen’s movement up the field exposed her people to the full brunt of the Black army Shaman who attacked without hesitation. The Queen and her charges disappeared in burst of flame and dark smoke.

The White army could only look on in horror as the Shaman incinerated the unprepared Queen’s forces and their screams could be heard all the way back to the King’s battle tents.

They all knew now the capabilities of the Black army.

Phase 2 Release Part 1 The White Queen Enters the field..

The White Queen Enters the field..
1. e2-e4 ……………….. 1. d7-d6


The White King, showing good faith to his Generals and Bishops, ordered his personal guard to lead the charge onto the field of battle, which they did with their usual enthusiasm honestly believing the enemy would fall into instant submission because their King said it was so.

The Black King still at odds to the skills and fighting ability of the opposition played his moves more casually and asked for his Queen to send out her guard for a closer inspection.

The White King could feel the eyes of his entire army boring into his very soul as he thought of his next move and the consequences there of. What he had already planned would have his whole army rethinking their situation.

The King ordered his Queen forward on a diagonal to the Berserkers, this would leave her unprotected but the King answered those who questioned that it was: “ too early in the battle to worry of such trifles and the Queen’s forces were more than capable of taking most attacks.

The King just needed a better view of the enemy”
In past battles the King had proven himself a brilliant tactician and military leader, but usually against a known opponent.
Here, in the opinion of the many he was flirting with disaster…