Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Phase Two release Part 23

27. QBh6-d2    27. QRg8-g1+
28. Ke1-e2      28. QRg1-g2+
29. Ke2-e3      29. QRg2xQBd2


The Black King watched as his wife fell to the Bishop but had no time to think about it as the forces moved directly at him. The Bullrok’s parasites had done a fitting job of repelling the attack but fell in the process not before the caused serious damage to the enemy.
He had never suffered such loses and if he came out of the battle the victor there would be many a rebuilding and replacing to do. There had been many glorious deaths today and all of them would be rewarded with trips to the afterworld and glory forever. The King however was immortal and would never know that glory he would just be another screaming voice in his successors head, so losing was not an option.
He called to his dead Queen’s Basilisk.
It was now apparent that both armies had lost their sub leaders and the field was awash with minor armies drifting directionless. The Black King has also noted that the White King had left himself exposed due to the Bullrok’s attack earlier and planned appropriate action.

The Basilisk snaked its way all the way down the battlefield flank, it was on this side that most of the carnage had taken place, it thought nothing of it, it had a task to perform and that was all it had in it’s mind.

The White King watched the serpent approach unchecked and realized too late that the majority of his army were on the opposite flank and positioned himself out of harms way, the Basilisk counter moved placing the King still in danger.

The King then went to seek protection amongst the smaller primary armies knowing all to well that in doing so he left the subordinate but weakened Bishop exposed and the Basilisk struck wiping out the Head of the University and his charges.