Thursday, June 30, 2011


Over at where the Second Phase is rolling out, it was decided to have a half time breather so the folks could catch up on the quick fire release date of the twenty pieces so far.

So to keep those with their fingers on the pulse happy while the slow coaches catch up the good people at Game of Kings have released some Behind The News Goodies to pacify them.

How the Battle was built -The Bullrok

Ausven profile

How the Battle was built - BMB interview

How the Battle was built - The Steam City & Blasters

How the Battle was built - Interview with Danny

How the Battle was built - the Rock Titan

How the battle was built- The Game so far

Friday, June 17, 2011

Phase Two release Part 18

21. KBf1xg2 21. KRg8xKBg2
The Bullrok knew nothing of this but speed, an unprepared foe and the sole purpose of removing the Angels head from it’s shoulders ticked all the boxes in the right order for dispatching this Angel.
And it was so.
The entire field came to a stand still at the moment the Bullrok struck the Angel’s head and it separated from its body. Streams of blue light burst from the open neck wound and lit the entire field with a radiance that could only be described as magical.
The Bullrok stood stunned, as its enemy fell, feeling as if all the happiness it had ever known had been drained from its very being.

Those who weren’t stunned by the blue light looked skyward and for the briefest of moments thought they saw three bearded, age weary faces peering down at them.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Phase Two release Part 17

21. KBf1xg2 21. KRg8xKBg2


The King had finally made a decision based on his knowledge of winning not losing and the Angel had stop the deadly Leapers from reaching home soil but the many separate battles had obscured his vision and the true state of the battlefield.

The Bullrok having battered and smashed the steam engine kept an eye from its new lofty perch and witnessed the Angel attack on the Leapers. The Angel was undefended from a forward attack and the Bullrok knowing his King was safe plowed into the unsuspecting Bishop.

Usually an Angel fears nothing because only it and it alones knows how it can die.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Phase Two release Part 16

20. KNe2-f4 20. g3-g2
21. KBf1xg2 21. KRg8xKBg2

The Skeleton General impressed by the University Bishop decided he too should take an active role and almost to flaunt his independence rode in front of the King’s battle headquarters.

See the Bone army move out was the moment the patient but blood hungry Black army Leapers were waiting for and moved further to White armies fortifications and the prize all those that served a master craved. Promotion.


The King’s Bishop; the Angel had been in conflict since the very start of the battle. Everything about the field had a familiar air about it, even the King all of a sudden seemed closer in spirit than before. If only he could remember and lose this confusion that had almost made him useless so far. He had visions before reaching this place of leading the army beside the King to an early and easy victory but nothing had been so far from the truth. His King seemed confused and conflicted. Then as if his thoughts were an omen the King ordered the Angel to defend an attack from the Leapers that had taken both his priests and the Bone Generals men. This time he felt his King was right. His King was right and the Angel sought vengeance for all those the Leapers had killed with a deadly hand.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Phase Two release Part 15

18. QRh5-g5 + 18. Kg8-h8
19. QRg5-g8 +        19. KRf8xKRg8


The ever faithful Bullrok moved the King out of position with seconds to spare and as the Monolith sat motionless and exhausted of power the Bullrok took the huge machine apart with it’s massive hammer till everyone inside was destroyed.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Phase Two release Part 14

18. QRh5-g5 + 18. Kg8-h8


The Black King was at a loss. He had never encountered such an undisciplined force before.
Even the most primitive savages have leadership, this White army seemed to do whatever it pleased which in turn made it highly unpredictable.
The generations of forefathers locked in his head all spoke out at once causing him to roll at the Bullrok’s large frame in pain. Half of the voices were screaming instructions the half abuse at opportunities missed. Together they made the sound of a rioting mob.

The pilots of the Monolith were closer enough to witness the Black King in what the assumed was some kind of internal attack and with limited power motored towards his position.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Phase Two release Part 13

Phase Two release Part 13

16. QNc3-b5 …………………….. 16. d6-d5
17. QNb5-d6 ……………………….17. Qxd6

As the White King watched his most loyal subjects acting of their own accord, it became painfully aware to him that the Battlefield wouldn’t let him deliberately lose. As for his previous actions it now looked certain that his army were abandoning his command.
Only moments before the Skeleton General had passed before him without a hint of recognition.
The celestial umpires, the Ancients had obviously foreseen this and the King’s entire plan had been in vain.

He had to rethink his whole strategy.

Meanwhile the Equilord had guided his people up the field under the protection of the rampaging Steam Engine. Being under the White King’s command for so long had made the Equilord a bit rusty on commanding and and he soon found that he had been surrounded by smaller sections of the Black army. Just as he decided to return to the relative safety of the home lines he came face to face with the army of the Black Queen.

The Equilord’s wayward movement up the field had drawn the enemy’s most powerful element into the fray and the Equilord’s army were crushed deep in enemy territory without any chance of escape.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Phase Two release Part 12

Phase Two release Part 12

15. e4xKNf5 ……………………. 15. a6-a5

The Black Army Centaurs, seeing the Moving City approaching, abandoned the Body of the Titan just in time to avoid catastrophe but in their haste had failed to see the King’s Berserkers waiting in hiding and were ambushed and torn to pieces.