Sunday, June 5, 2011

Phase Two release Part 13

Phase Two release Part 13

16. QNc3-b5 …………………….. 16. d6-d5
17. QNb5-d6 ……………………….17. Qxd6

As the White King watched his most loyal subjects acting of their own accord, it became painfully aware to him that the Battlefield wouldn’t let him deliberately lose. As for his previous actions it now looked certain that his army were abandoning his command.
Only moments before the Skeleton General had passed before him without a hint of recognition.
The celestial umpires, the Ancients had obviously foreseen this and the King’s entire plan had been in vain.

He had to rethink his whole strategy.

Meanwhile the Equilord had guided his people up the field under the protection of the rampaging Steam Engine. Being under the White King’s command for so long had made the Equilord a bit rusty on commanding and and he soon found that he had been surrounded by smaller sections of the Black army. Just as he decided to return to the relative safety of the home lines he came face to face with the army of the Black Queen.

The Equilord’s wayward movement up the field had drawn the enemy’s most powerful element into the fray and the Equilord’s army were crushed deep in enemy territory without any chance of escape.

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