Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A prelude to the Game of Kings Project Phase Two

Before the release of the second phase of artwok featuring the best of Red Bubble illustrators, the Game of Kings administration hope to introduce you to the newer members and find out a little of what makes them tick. Along the way maybe sneak preview some work in progress and highlight other projects the artists are involved in.

SHANAMTION or as his parents like to address his mail to: Damien Shanahan, is a fine artist with a humorous bent. Damien who has years of experience as a graphic designer brings another dimension to the artwork that will be the Game of Kings.
He is only person I have heard of besides Lee Falk who has had a 100,00 of his comics distributed in show bags.
Mighty effort.
Let’s see what he has to say:

Where you aware of the GoK project before you were invited to join and what is your opinion of the collaboration?

I became aware of GoK, when I first saw my good friend Simon’s first pieces on his facebook feed. As life presents itself with interesting serendipitous moments, Simon and I got back in much closer contact than we had in years. Funny thing is our careers had taken very similar paths, both doing graphic design jobs and doing our illustration work after hours. It’s amazing to see how people’s art can move and develop over the years, but the one thing that’s never changed has been the passion for it.
Simon mentioned GoK Phase 2 was in the works and I loved his designs from Phase 1 so much I put my hand up to get in on the action. I was chuffed when he told me it was all go for Phase 2 and that I was a part of the team.

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