Friday, July 29, 2011

Phase 2 Release Part 27 THE END GAME

33. b3-b4        33. a5xb4

The Equilord wouldn’t need his wave attack anymore because there was no more Equilord race full stop. They had been made extinct fighting here. The King if he had an ounce of compassion left in his body would have realized he had no compassion left. The ex Angel was fast becoming the poster boy for Demon spawn.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Phase 2 Release Part 26 THE END GAME

32. Kd2xc3     32. c7-c6

The White King’s strategy was simple keep drawing the enemy in to fight and then finish off the weakened enemy.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Phase 2 Release Part 25 THE END GAME

31. c2-c3       31. d4xc3+

The Black King witnessed the White King transformation and saw his defeat of the Basilisk, he too realized the situation and that the battle would be fought between the two ultimate leaders without their lieutenants. He was confident of his charges that were either brought up or created to obey his every word. He would see how good this crazy winged King would do without his subordinates to help him make his decisions.

The Black King proceeded to order his remaining armies up the board.

The White King knew now from experience of earlier failures that he must win and this would be his proof that his return to heaven would be assured. Didn’t the Angel’s unselfish death in battle prove this?
The King’s first move was to sacrifice the University Bishop’s hounds, his game plan to get the Queen’s daughters to the other end and create a new Queen like the ancient’s promised.

Monday, July 25, 2011

SO begins the End Game

SO begins the End Game
The Battle of the Pawns
The field is set, which King will win through?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Phase Two release Part 24

30. Ke3xRd2 30. b6-b5


This left the White King without any regiment leaders, the White King was now a commander of small leaderless groups of men, pawns usually best used as cannon fodder.
The White King pulled himself up from his battle throne and facing the Basilisk threw off his royal robes and burst his wings from their restraints. The King faced the Black monster snake with full wingspan and smote down the beast.

Now things were even both armies were left with a King a leaderless rabble.
The Best King will win through.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Phase Two release Part 23

27. QBh6-d2    27. QRg8-g1+
28. Ke1-e2      28. QRg1-g2+
29. Ke2-e3      29. QRg2xQBd2


The Black King watched as his wife fell to the Bishop but had no time to think about it as the forces moved directly at him. The Bullrok’s parasites had done a fitting job of repelling the attack but fell in the process not before the caused serious damage to the enemy.
He had never suffered such loses and if he came out of the battle the victor there would be many a rebuilding and replacing to do. There had been many glorious deaths today and all of them would be rewarded with trips to the afterworld and glory forever. The King however was immortal and would never know that glory he would just be another screaming voice in his successors head, so losing was not an option.
He called to his dead Queen’s Basilisk.
It was now apparent that both armies had lost their sub leaders and the field was awash with minor armies drifting directionless. The Black King has also noted that the White King had left himself exposed due to the Bullrok’s attack earlier and planned appropriate action.

The Basilisk snaked its way all the way down the battlefield flank, it was on this side that most of the carnage had taken place, it thought nothing of it, it had a task to perform and that was all it had in it’s mind.

The White King watched the serpent approach unchecked and realized too late that the majority of his army were on the opposite flank and positioned himself out of harms way, the Basilisk counter moved placing the King still in danger.

The King then went to seek protection amongst the smaller primary armies knowing all to well that in doing so he left the subordinate but weakened Bishop exposed and the Basilisk struck wiping out the Head of the University and his charges.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Phase Two release Part 22

26. QBf4xh6 26. Kh8-h7


The Bishop’s victory had inspired the White King who had decided that winning at any cost was the only option now. The death of the Angel had shown that this battlefield was a gateway to the heavens by the powerful rays of its life force bursting through the cloud cover above them. The King was sure he caught a glimpse of the three ancients as they watched from high above when the clouds momentarily parted.
The Black King could be seen near the remains of the Titan and steam engine maybe this was the chance to end this for good.
The Bishop took his Kings advice and struck at one the smaller Black army forces who blocked it’s way but the crab like fire shooters took their toll on an already depleted group and the Bishop fell back.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Phase Two release Part 21

25. QBc1xQf4 25. h7-h6

The Black queen’s confidence had grown quite high and seeing the state of her King and the added bonus of the Shaman no longer alive, her ambition of leading the people was a strong possibility.
This White army was loosing out to strategy and it would seem it’s most powerful weapons the Mountain and the steam city were now no longer a threat. She set her eyes on the White army leader.

Having not had to move from his position over looking the board because of his dealings with the Steam Engine, the Bishop wished he still had it running now.
He always knew its effectiveness was a short term proposition but when used to its full capacity – like he had –it was a formidable weapon. The Bishop had been viewing the Black Queen’s movements and had deemed her a willing opponent but as the battle wore on she became over confidant and had left her flank exposed to an attack and this would be his glory moment.

The Black Queen concentrating on a way to penetrate the White King defenses was attacked by the fresh forces of the queen’s Bishop and was ill prepared for a defensive. She died never knowing the ultimate power she craved so much.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Phase Two release Part 20

23. d2-d3 23. QRa8-g8
24. KNg2-f4 24. Qd6xKNf4


The Black King had managed to drive all his collective ancestors from inside his head by the simple action of crying for his beloved Bullrok. Emotional weakness was the most effective way to drive the voices away from his mind, this the King discovered early in his days when the voices left as soon as he played with his mighty Bullrok, It was an attribute despised by those who come before him and he was the first to bring affection to the collective consciousness and they had not yet accepted it and hoped he would grow out of it. While grieving his beast he also took the chance to assess the situation. The Black King may be saddened but he was first and foremost a great leader. He called his Queen and she had already proved herself a capable and good wife by taking her charges and causing enemy casualties on her flank.
The Queen aware of the King’s situation and the hindrance rather than help the ancestors could cause sent her Basilisk to guard her husband and King.
This battle was not lost yet.

The Black Queen had kept her presence well hid and had already destroyed the Horse army will a fair degree of stealth, she surveyed the far flank of the battlefield where the Bullrok had fell and saw some openings.

The Skeleton General and his men were surprised at the ease that it took to dispatch the Elephant monster but felt the need to leave the area quickly as the area in which an Angel passes is home to great sorry an infliction that can cause depression in those that stay too long and they headed up the field.

Straight into the waiting army of the Black Queen who followed them after the attack on the Bullrok and the General Skeleton fell.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Phase Two release Part 19

22. KNf4xKRg2 22. d5-d4

The entire field came to a stand still as the moment the Bullrok struck the Angel head and it separated from its body. Streams of blue light burst from the open neck wound and lit the entire field with a radiance that could only best described as magical.
The Bullrok stood stunned, as it’s enemy fell feeling as if all the happiness it had ever known had been drained from its very being.

Those who weren’t stunned by the blue light looked skyward and for the briefest of moments thought they saw three bearded, age weary faces peering down at them.
The Skeleton General who had caught the Bullrok attack at the last moment had no idea his movement away earlier had caused so much mayhem and seeing the Angel killed filled him with dread, the irony of a reanimated skeleton General thinking how does one kill the un-killable was lost on him.
He turned his men around and attacked the Bullrok as it had attacked the Angel with full force as it stood unprepared.
The Bullrok offered no resistance and almost seem to give itself to death as the General’s skeletal men chopped it down.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The entire field came to a stand still at the moment the Bullrock struck the Angel’s head and it separated from its body. Streams of blue light burst from the open neck wound and lit the entire field with a radiance that could only be described as magical.
The Bullrock stood stunned as its victim fell, feeling as if all the happiness it had ever known had been drained from its very being.

Those who weren’t stunned by the blue light looked skyward and for the briefest of moments thought they saw three bearded, age weary faces peering down at them.

How many millennia had the game been played?
How many contests?
In every one, a certain outcome had been reached – predictable as they would often be… but this?
From their three thrones, the Ancients could only stare in disbelief at the chaos below…

’What can I say Brothers? It looked like a fair fight on paper , maybe give the current board holder a little bit shorter odds and after only two moves the White Army went out to unbackable.
I don’t think I’ve seen a worse strategy for quite a few millennia.
This, mind you, with an Angel at the helm and another in the ranks.
I was sure this was another Black Army white wash.’

‘Indeed brothers, to show such promise only to collapse into chaos… you’d be given to think that one of the holy host would have better control of its subjects. And their Queen! A sacrifice such as that so early in the game? Aparently an abundance of pride is a common thread that runs through the ranks of the fallen.’

‘By all means and with pride comes a fall, albeit a mighty fiery one, hey Brother.
But to their credit the White Army Generals seem to have much intestinal fortitude, realising only all too well their King and his Angel pet could very well smite them to dust they took matters into their own hands and changed the course of the battle.’

’They certainly did at that. To see such… lesser… beings so brazenly ignore the will of their King, AND meet the Black Spear head-on. It has certainly raised the quality of the entertainment. Even those who have fallen, have done so valiantly.
And that vessel of stone and steam – such destructive power contained within its walls! I would almost have been convinced that it would remain unmatched upon the battlefield.
Of course, doing so would discount the Black King’s pet. Such a shame that there hasn’t been a fortification built that can withstand its hammer…’

‘Or being…. Let’s be realistic here brothers, hands up who thought we were the only ones who knew the secret of disposing of Angels?
Hmmm… I can see that one took you by surprise too….’

‘So, brothers, we’ve seen these two armies test each other on the board, and I for one am left too confused to call the victor. I’d hoped that we may have seen a change of the guard (that Black King has held the board for too long, methinks), but when an opportunity presents itself, this rabble that calls itself the white army sabotages itself in a spectacular fashion.
At the very least, they’ve certainly confused their opposition, yielding some entertaining results – personally I am glad to see the back of those so-called ‘bishops’. Such a shame that the mighty beast who crushed them so effortlessly in turn fell in swift fashion. Perhaps there’ll be more surprises for us before this disaster of a game is through?’

’Disaster, but compelling viewing Brother.
Do You think anyone saw us down there, when the Angel spiked?’

Below the clouds, the battle continued…