Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Phase Two release Part 21

25. QBc1xQf4 25. h7-h6

The Black queen’s confidence had grown quite high and seeing the state of her King and the added bonus of the Shaman no longer alive, her ambition of leading the people was a strong possibility.
This White army was loosing out to strategy and it would seem it’s most powerful weapons the Mountain and the steam city were now no longer a threat. She set her eyes on the White army leader.

Having not had to move from his position over looking the board because of his dealings with the Steam Engine, the Bishop wished he still had it running now.
He always knew its effectiveness was a short term proposition but when used to its full capacity – like he had –it was a formidable weapon. The Bishop had been viewing the Black Queen’s movements and had deemed her a willing opponent but as the battle wore on she became over confidant and had left her flank exposed to an attack and this would be his glory moment.

The Black Queen concentrating on a way to penetrate the White King defenses was attacked by the fresh forces of the queen’s Bishop and was ill prepared for a defensive. She died never knowing the ultimate power she craved so much.

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