Monday, July 11, 2011

Phase Two release Part 20

23. d2-d3 23. QRa8-g8
24. KNg2-f4 24. Qd6xKNf4


The Black King had managed to drive all his collective ancestors from inside his head by the simple action of crying for his beloved Bullrok. Emotional weakness was the most effective way to drive the voices away from his mind, this the King discovered early in his days when the voices left as soon as he played with his mighty Bullrok, It was an attribute despised by those who come before him and he was the first to bring affection to the collective consciousness and they had not yet accepted it and hoped he would grow out of it. While grieving his beast he also took the chance to assess the situation. The Black King may be saddened but he was first and foremost a great leader. He called his Queen and she had already proved herself a capable and good wife by taking her charges and causing enemy casualties on her flank.
The Queen aware of the King’s situation and the hindrance rather than help the ancestors could cause sent her Basilisk to guard her husband and King.
This battle was not lost yet.

The Black Queen had kept her presence well hid and had already destroyed the Horse army will a fair degree of stealth, she surveyed the far flank of the battlefield where the Bullrok had fell and saw some openings.

The Skeleton General and his men were surprised at the ease that it took to dispatch the Elephant monster but felt the need to leave the area quickly as the area in which an Angel passes is home to great sorry an infliction that can cause depression in those that stay too long and they headed up the field.

Straight into the waiting army of the Black Queen who followed them after the attack on the Bullrok and the General Skeleton fell.

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