Thursday, October 22, 2009

The White Army Announcement.

The White King summoned all his bishops, generals and auxiliary staff to congress, there were things that needed to be explained. Not all things however. No matter how absolute and despotic his reign may be, certain things could still cause rebellion and mutinous behavior given the conditions they would be bound to under the laws of the celestial battlefield.
Questions had been asked of course.
“Where is this campaign?”
“How shall we arm against this enemy, for we know nothing of them or their lands”
“Ummm….who are we fighting again?”

The White King had duped his subjects. His collective memory was greater than the Bishop Angel who had totally wiped all memories from its conscience regarding it’s crime and subsequent punishment. The Angel didn’t even have the ability to recognize the King as one of its own, something the King had been aware when he had found the fallen Angel all those centuries ago.

The King had watched the battles millennia before and knew that it had been the ruination of Kingdoms and worlds foolish enough to attempt it.
He also knew it may be a way home.

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