Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Prelude to the setting of the board

In a universe where the laws of evolution,

majik and science do not apply there are

armies whose need to prove themselves

in battle transcends dimensions.
In this universe warrior worlds can fight

incredible rivals in fantastic battles in locations

that we can only perceive to be real.
Unknown to all combatants is the fact that

their armies are all equal in power and ability.
These battles are more than power and accrual

of wealth, they are about strategy,

bravery and assessment.
The battle is never over until the ultimate ruler

of either side is met and defeated.
There is no good or evil
There is no right or wrong
There is no ultimate power of strength
There is only black and white and the will to win.

But with this desire for the ultimate prize

comes ultimate conditions,
hidden in the contracts.
The ultimate prize is to hold the field until

you lose.
There can be no ultimate winner.
Two ancient army have been chosen to face

each other on the celestial battlefield.
The longevity of each race's existence depends

on the outcome.
Defeat means the extinction of the species.
Winning means another suicidal run at glory.
One, a kingdom where lies and deception have

been built on top of each other for so long that the

thought of loss is becoming equal to the glory of
The other, a race living in a dystrophic society

where war is the very essence of life and survival;

where dedication to battle is a way of life.
In the end it's one will against another

A Game of Kings.

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