Monday, July 20, 2009

The King and his Bullrock

The King of the Nation of the Black Spear was never alone, even when he was physically by himself, he still had the collective memory of countless generations of his peers in his head. Usually he called on them for advice or some long lost knowledge, otherwise they said nothing. Since the army of the Black Spear had held the celestial battlefield for decades now and had been victorious in three challenges the old men in his head wouldn’t shut up.
Every one of them had a view or an opinion that had to be expressed, or worse a brag about who was responsible for the winning moves in any of the victories.
Respecting your Elders was one thing, but this was getting out of hand.
He often wondered if it would be any use sticking a dagger up his nose and doing some cranial clean out.
At least he knew of one way to get rid of them without taking one of the Shaman’s toxic smelling mind blockers.
The King was heading towards a large heavily fortified gate cut into a huge rock face.
As he approached the gate slowly swung open and as if synchronized, was completely open by the time the King arrived as not to keep him waiting.
Inside the rock wall, which on entry revealed itself to be a large animal pen was a seat made of the same material as the wall. On this seat, in the centre of the enclosure sat a creature. . The creature was humanlike in body – though of giant proportions but on its shoulders was the head of a Mammoth.

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