Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The White Kings story

The King made a beeline for his personal chambers; at least there he couldn’t be disturbed.
Following in his wake were a dozen advisors, chefs, university representatives and embassy staff all battling each other for his attention, none game enough to actually touch him or stand before him.
Behind them, scuttled an assortment of pale misshapen dwarfish creatures.
They were the King’s personal guard.
Each was similar to the next, with such a slight difference that took a bit of study to recognize. Though they all appeared hunchbacked it was more due to small knobs each had on its back, which looked more like large shoulder blades. The real reason they were hunched was due to the large implements they had attached below their wrists. Some had large maces, others what appeared to be boulders or even cannon balls.
The guard scurried a short distance behind the advisors.
One word from the King and the guard would annihilate the advisors without question.
Actually with one word the guard would turn on itself if the King ordered it, so strong was their fierce loyalty to him.
Both these thoughts were going through the King’s mind as he reached the door to his chambers.
He turned to the throng trailing him who stopped immediately in their tracks, all questions ceased.

“I am now going through this door to have some privacy and also to stop a Rex inspired genocide. So please go away and wait for me in a place that is at least one hundred metres from this door. I will call when I am ready”

“Yes your Majesty” said the advisors in unison and in one quick action turned and left.

The guard stood still staring at the King.

“You go to sleep” the King said realizing threats against the guard were useless.
The guard dropped where they were in a clattering pile. Unconscious.

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