Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Game Of Kings Artist Interview: Glenn Smith (AKA nofrillsart)

Known to most Bubblers as nofrillsart, Glenn Smith is a vital addition to the Game of Kings team, not only bringing his unique style to the project, but also a great deal of input into the promotional side of it as well.

Can we have a few words about your good self?

I have been making art professionally for the last ten years or so. In recent years I have also crossed over into the realms of being an arts worker running a lot of exhibitions and festivals. For bread and butter I work as a high school teacher. In terms of my approach to art, I often have dilemmas about what direction art should take whether it should be originals hanging on the walls of exclusive galleries or at ground level such as street art or t-shirt design. I am yet to reconcile this within myself, so in the mean time I attempt to do both.

So how did you get involved with the Game of Kings project?

The talented Mr.Sherry gave me a personal invitation to take part. This was a honor from the start. I have some decent skills at doing what I do within say my t-shirts designs here on RB, but this project has proven to be a real challenge for me, due to being well outside my comfort zone and in some very intimidating company, such as the talented bunch of artists that are the Game of Kings. Thought that being said, you could not find a more supportive group of artists.

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