Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The White King-Bishop's Story

The only person the White King had directly informed about the invitation to battle was the Bishop Angel.
The Bishop Angel had been persuaded to come to the Kingdom many centuries ago by a King who offered enlightenment, freedom of prayer and a tolerant society.
At first these enticements had been realized, but as the years progressed the scholars and engineers turned their attention away from architecture and domestic sciences to more medical experimentation and manufactories that built war machines.
The University of the Gears no longer advanced healing, it raised the dead for information that could have been derived from books and giant monsters that should have remained extinct. Abominations to the Angel’s mind and senses but tolerable, because the true King and its Master had said so.
The Bishop Angel dealt with these things it’s own way. By creating its own religious order of devout, some say fanatical soldiers.
Together they prayed for the souls of their blasphemous colleagues and brothers in arms.
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