Sunday, August 22, 2010

Phase Two Introduction Interview : Simon Sherry

A prelude to the Game of Kings Project Phase Two

Before the release of the second phase of artwok featuring the best of Red Bubble illustrators, the Game of Kings administration hope to introduce you to the newer members and find out a little of what makes them tick. Along the way maybe sneak preview some work in progress and highlight other projects the artists are involved in. To start proceeding we’ll have a chat with the guy who kicked the whole idea off…. Mr Simon Sherry

Simon, with the success of Game of Kings Phase One how excited are you about Phase Two?

I’m very, VERY excited, to be honest. The first phase of the project was a lot of fun in terms of building the characters, creatures and the setting, but now we’re getting to the actual battle itself, an there’s some scope to come up with some crazy stuff. Having a whole new group of artists bringing their own distinctive styles to the project just adds to the overall level of excitement I’ve got for the project, and I think that anyone who enjoyed the first phase is going to really love what we’ve got planned.

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