Monday, September 20, 2010


Before the release of the second phase of artwok featuring the best of Red Bubble illustrators, the Game of Kings administration hope to introduce you to the newer members and find out a little of what makes them tick. Along the way maybe sneak preview some work in progress and highlight other projects the artists are involved in.

His name is Nick FORD

Finalist in the Red Bubble / Demo T-shirt Sound Competition and all round talented artist is from the Scott Robinson school of Nice guys skate and design great art. Nick was a keen supporter of the Game of King’s from its inception and was high on the list of first people to beg to join when it was decided to begin the massive and highly demanding second phase. Nick of course said “yes” and took no time at all to blow everyone away with his ideas and adaptations. We pulled Nick aside quickly for a quick chat to see what’s on his mind in between working and having babies.

What do you think you are going to bring to the Game of Kings Project?

I’m hoping to bring some extra darkness and detail. Simon’s creations are just screaming to be brought to life, so to speak. I’m about to start my 2nd scene ….. His Royal Darkness. Dauntingly exciting stuff. After seeing the amount of thought, time and passion that went into creating the 1st phase of this epic story ….. i just want to do it justice. So expect EPICNESS. I have been quite round these parts with uploads ….. there is a reason.

Your opinion of the project so far?

Um …. epic. Hhehe! Nah … it’s looking really good from the WIP’s i’ve seen. Overall it’s a fricken masterpiece. Hats off to both Danny, Simon and the rest of the original crew. It’s got a motion picture (at leat animation!) written all over it!

A quick run down of your influences and achievements here on Red Bubble and the outside world? Well Hard Roctopus did pretty well in the Sound comp at A T-Shirt Revolution … back in the day! Other than that about 240+ Tee’s sold, a shitload in inspiration and a load of fun had in almost 2 years.

Real world …. my daughter Amelia is my latest achievment! Quite chuffed.

GoK related … ausven and BMB will blow your minds.

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