Thursday, September 9, 2010


A prelude to the Game of Kings Project Phase Two

Before the release of the second phase of artwok featuring the best of Red Bubble illustrators, the Game of Kings administration hope to introduce you to the newer members and find out a little of what makes them tick. Along the way maybe sneak preview some work in progress and highlight other projects the artists are involved in.

His name is Peter Fairfax but he draws under the pseudonym of STURSTEIN

Were you aware of the GoK project before you were invited to join and what is your opinion of the collaboration?

Yeah, I was aware of it for a while before I was invited. I’m really jealous of everyone who was involved in those early stages. I think the project is a great idea. It’s neat to see where different people have taking the simple concept of chess.

Tell us a bit about yourself
Influences, ambitions, hopes and dreams.

I’m a comic book geek, so most of my influences come from that arena, most notably Mike Mignola, John Buscema, and Dave Stewart. Plus Frank Frazetta and Jeff Jones, but more for their painting than their sequential art. There are a bunch of European comic book illustrators I love, but the European stuff in general is a big influence; they really make a fine art of it.

Outside of comic books, there’s Alphonse Mucha, Robert McGinnis, Harley Brown, George Bridgman, Gil Elvgren… I could go on forever.

In terms of literature I’m a big fan of early pulp fiction, particularly sword & sorcery. Authors like Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Fritz Leiber, and H.P.Lovecraft. Lately I’ve been really excited about a new series called Monster Blood Tattoo, by D.M.Cornish. And I’ve recently been delving into pulp detective novels.

Ultimately I hope to make a decent living off my illustration, preferably in the world of comic books. That’s been my main goal for years now.

Is there anyone or anything you want to flog?

Absolutely! Right now I’m flogging my webcomic: valentinesdei

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