Tuesday, March 15, 2011


After lots of planning and recruiting and many an hour sweating over blank pieces of paper, the long realised and long awaited Game of King’s second phase is quickly approaching a release date.
The logical conclusion to the Game of Kings first stage where 10 artists created two armies consisting of 16 characters all based on pieces from the game of chess.
The artists all from Red Bubble who between them had sold thousands of t-Shirts not only here but through Tee Fury, Design by Humans and various other sites produced an eclectic array of soldiers and generals, nearly all somewhat other-worldly and beastly.
The success of the first phase and the development of the pieces/characters gave way to an actual battle.
A Game of Celestial Kings who battle great armies drawn from all over the universe for their own pleasure.
Based – once again – around a complete game of Chess,, complete with notated moves. The battle draws on the flawed strengths of an expelled Angel who has discovered a loophole to get back into Heaven and a Warrior race who have held the battlefield for centuries and have immersed the game totally into their culture.
Each move represents a story of the battle and culminates in an epic conclusion that even the Celestial Kings never foresaw.
Drawing on the massive talent pool on Red Bubble new artists were invited to join, many fans of the artists and concept from the first phase.
These eleven talented people bring the total involved in the project up nearly two dozen.
Many of the new inductees were of an illustration background and were well suited to the Phase Two brief of large Wall Art – Posters depicting the scenes of the battle.
Phase Two is a much more ambitious and daunting task compared to Phase One with over 40 pictures being considered and produced.
The genre is strictly Fantasy but is spread out using sequential works, using panels depicting scenes to large specific scene pieces of art
The artists involved have managed through their effort and unbridled talent to convey strong emotions, from pity to anger to remorse in their work and the colours seem to burst out the artwork and assault your eyes with hidden small details that it is too much to take in on the first view.
To add yet another dimension to the Phase, the first Phase storyline has been drawn as sequential comics to show off the talent of the more busier members.

This is a project of huge scope.

We’re talking Magnum Opus here folks.

Keep your eyes peeled because it’s all happening very soon and to celebrate the Game of Kings Group will be taking on new members to share the creative process and have a glimpse into what has been transpiring for the last 18 months.
The Group will also be offering prizes and exciting challenges.

Game of Kings
A Folly amongst almighty beings.

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