Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Phase Two release Part 6

Phase Two release Part 6

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The Titan was concerned when the Skeleton soldier refused the King’s orders but came to full realisation after the King ordered the Titan’s people to advance from a bad position and watched them being slaughtered, the Skeleton General sent his own men to assist only to suffer the same fate. Their victor had bunkered down and now taunted them from the safety of their fortifications.
The Titan had never seen such viciousness as that inflicted on the Queen and his own people. But the Risen army pawns had drawn away the spear wielding maniacs that had destroyed its people and exposed the Black fire beast. The Titan on seeing the Fire Shaman directly in his path and seemingly resting, it knew it had an opportunity for revenge, with or without the King’s permission.
Due to the Titan’s size its strongest attacks were head on which when it needed (and to the surprise of everyone on the field) incredibly swift. The resting Shaman had no idea what had hit her and was crushed under the tons of living mountain.

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