Monday, May 23, 2011

Phase Two release Part 9

Phase Two release Part 9

10. a2-a4 ………………………. 10. 0-0
11. a4-a5 ………………………. 11. a7-a6

The Black King was mortified by the events he had just witnessed, not only had the remaining Shaman ignored his orders, it had been destroyed in the process. The King knew without the Shaman he was exposed to his own people who now had no real reason to fear him, minus the mad Bishop and it’s insane counter personalities. The Black King left his quarters and moved to the Bullrok pen.

The White Queen’s Bishop had decided to take things in his own hands as the death of his Queen had taken the fear of the King from him.
After watching the wholesale slaughter of both the Angel and General’s primary regiments and then the Titan sacrifice itself, he knew that the University could help swing this battle around and he had just the machines to do it.
He ordered the massive Steam monolith to fire its engines while the smaller blasters moved out to set up his plan.

The White King watched in impotent anger as his subordinates made decisions around him. The wrong decisions, he decided, because they were turning the course of the battle.

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