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The story and chess moves

THE TALE AS TOLD…. The story with all the moves
White on the left Black on the right
refer to the spreadsheet for your corresponding move.
I have made the move notations at the start of the paragraph and then written the description and consequences of those moves.
- indicates move to nominated square
X indicates piece taken on that move
+ indicates check
Now the thing to remember that this is an actual game of Chess. It is what dictates the battle.
Albeit a game played by two twelve year olds who want to win at any cost but also as quick as possible so they can go outside and ride their bikes.
1. e2-e4 ……………….. 1. d7-d6
2. Q-g4 ………………………. 2. QBxg4Q
The White King in a show of good faith to his Generals and Bishops ordered his personal guard to lead the charge onto the field of battle, which they did with their usual enthusiasm. They honestly believed the enemy would fall into instant submission because their King said it was to be so.
The Black King still at odds with the skills and fighting ability of the opposition played his moves more casually and asked his Queen to send out her guard to make a closer inspection.
The White King could feel the eyes of his entire army boring into his very soul as he considered his next move and the consequences thereof. What he had planned already would have his whole army re-thinking their situation.
The King ordered his Queen forward on a diagonal to the Berserkers, which would leave her unprotected but the King’s answer to those who questioned his reasoning was “that it was too early in the battle to worry of such trifles and that the Queen’s forces were more than capable of taking most attacks.” The King just needed a better view of the enemy. In past battles the King had proven himself a brilliant tactician and military leader, but usually against a known opponent.
Here, in the opinion of many, he was flirting with disaster.
And disaster he got.
The Queen’s movement up the field exposed her people to the full brunt of the attack of the Black Army’s Shaman, She attacked without hesitation and the Queen and her charges disappeared in bursts of flame and dark smoke.
The White Army looked on in horror as the Shaman incinerated the unprepared Queen’s forces and their screams could be heard all the way back to the King’s battle tents.
They all now knew the capabilities of the Black army.
3. f2-f3………………. 3.QBg4-h5
The White King stood emotionless as gasps of horror rose up from the lines of battle hardened soldiers.
His reaction was swift. He ordered the Dead Army Knight to attack the Fire Shaman head on. The Skeleton General assessing such a move knew it was suicide and refused to move. The experienced General recognised pointless retaliation when he saw it.
He knew of his life was forfeit – so what?
The King he used to know was beyond this.
The King’s Bishop stopped the General’s refusal from reaching the King, sensing that a mutiny minutes into a battle would do no one any good. Though it considered the General an abomination, the Angel knew the risen soldier had the knowledge to help well into the fight.
So the Angel knowing the rewards of sacrifice ordered its own priests forward with instant if not unexpected results.
Unbeknownst to the opposing army the Shaman had attacked with a trifle too much enthusiasm and had nearly exhausted her stocks when the White Army Priests charged out. She retreated to the safety of the flanks to recoup her strength.
The White King was furious and the General would be a small stain on the ground if he could justify it. The Angel’s move had undermined his authority as much as the Bone soldier’s had, but also proved to the rest of the army he had made the right decision ignoring his King’s orders.
All through the ranks the King’s fears were being realised. The University Bishop and the Equilord seriously doubted the King’s ability to lead. The Equilord had his people’s welfare to protect and really didn’t give a damn about the King’s ambitions.
The Equilord decided he would go it alone against an unknown enemy that seemed to have been dragged from the pits of Hell itself.
4. B2 –B3 ………………… 4. QNb8-c6
5. QNb1-c3 ……………………5. g7-g5
6. h2-h4 ……………………..6. g5xh4
7 g2-g3 ……………………….7. h4xg3
The White King hadn’t expected mutiny so early in the piece, though he had known it was inevitable in the scheme of things. He knew he was vulnerable on the battlefield but none of his army was aware of this.
He just prayed that the Angel would stay loyal just a little while longer
The King made some rudimentary moves to counter the Black King but
after sacrificing two more pawn armies to minor battalions the King was abandoned by his Generals.
The Black King knew armies were intimidated by the celestial battlefield and were slow to reach their full potential, usually and thankfully too late for their own survival.
But never had he’d seen such inept moves so early in battle. It almost seemed this White Wing Commander was trying to lose the battle rather than win.
The King felt a little pang sensing this battle would offer no challenge. They were no better, maybe marginally worse than those he had fought before and he prepared to wipe them out.
He watched with disdain as his minor army of Leapers laid sections of the White Army to waste down the field
8. KRh1xQBh5 ……………….. 8. KBf8-h6
9. KRh5xKBh6 ………………….9. KNg8x KRh6
The Titan was concerned when the Skeleton soldier refused the King’s orders but came to full realisation after the King ordered the Titan’s people to advance from a bad position and watched them being slaughtered, the Skeleton General sent his own men to assist only to suffer the same fate. Their victor had bunkered down and now taunted them from the safety of their fortifications.
The Titan had never seen such viciousness as that inflicted on the Queen and his own people. But the Risen army pawns had drawn away the spear wielding maniacs that had destroyed its people and exposed the Black fire beast. The Titan on seeing the Fire Shaman directly in his path and seemingly resting, it knew it had an opportunity for revenge, with or without the King’s permission.
Due to the Titan’s size its strongest attacks were head on which when it needed (and to the surprise of everyone on the field) incredibly swift. The resting Shaman had no idea what had hit her and was crushed under the tons of living mountain.
The Black King watched in awe as the massive Titan slammed into the Shaman’s female-fire half and within seconds knew something was seriously amiss. His Shaman, the male-earth being let out an ear piecing scream as if it too was bearing the weight of the mountain monster that had killed his sister.
Before the King could raise an arm to stop him, the Shaman attacked the Titan and in one mighty sweep the shaman suffered the same fate as his sister.
The impact forced the Titan to a sudden halt and caused it to collapse in total exhaustion.
The King ordered his Centaur knights to attack unless they wanted to be next on the Titan hit list.
The Centaur Knights taking advantage of the rock giants weakened state and since it no longer had it’s people to help protect it, the Centaurs swarmed all over the Titan. Eventually finding the tunnels and shafts that led to its brain and using their fiery swords made sure it never rose again.
Its last thoughts were that after all it’s time as a solitary figure, it enjoyed its short time with its people the most.
10. a2-a4 ………………………. 10. 0-0
11. a4-a5 ………………………. 11. a7-a6
12. KNg1-e2 ……………………….12. QNc6xa5
13. QRa1xQRa5………………………13. b7-b6
14. QRa5-QRh5 ……………………..14. KNh6-f5
15. e4xKNf5 ……………………. 15. a6-a5
The Black King was mortified by the events he had just witnessed, not only had the remaining Shaman ignored his orders, it had been destroyed in the process. The King knew without the Shaman he was exposed to his own people who now had no real reason to fear him, minus the mad Bishop and it’s insane counter personalities. The Black King left his quarters and moved to the Bullrock pen.
The White Queen’s Bishop had decided to take things in his own hands as the death of his Queen had taken the fear of the King from him.
After watching the wholesale slaughter of both the Angel and General’s primary regiments and then the Titan sacrifice itself, he knew that the University could help swing this battle around and he had just the machines to do it.
He ordered the massive Steam monolith to fire its engines while the smaller blasters moved out to set up his plan.
The White King watched in impotent anger as his subordinates made decisions around him. The wrong decisions, he decided, because they were turning the course of the battle.
The Black queen saw the small iron and wood vehicles steam down the field and laughed. She told her Amazonian Knights to prepare to take on these little carts with shields as soon as they were within striking distance.
As the Blasters reached their initial burst limits they slowed considerably and were easy pickings for the Black Queen’s Knights, who when they pulled them apart realized they were empty of fighting men. This frustration built into fear when they realized the White Bishop’s ultimate plan.
As the Blasters were being attacked by the Knights the larger steam monolith was building it’s attack capabilities and as the Black Queen’s Amazonian Knights lay exposed on the flank with the remains of the Blasters it hit full potential and much like the Titan steam rolled straight into the unsuspecting Knights.
The attack was fast and furious the Black Queen ordering the Little Sisters to help their Mistresses immediately.
The University Bishop, aware that the Monoliths attack must be kept up for fear of losing momentum screamed across the field towards the fallen Titan.
The Black Army Centaurs, seeing the Moving City approaching, abandoned the Body of the Titan just in time to avoid catastrophe but in their haste had failed to see the King’s Berserkers waiting in hiding and were ambushed and torn to pieces.
16. QNc3-b5 …………………….. 16. d6-d5
17. QNb5-d6 ……………………….17. Qxd6
18. QRh5-g5 +………………………18. Kg8-h8
19. QRg5-g8 +……………………..19. KRf8xKRg8
As the White King watched his most loyal subjects acting of their own accord, it became painfully aware to him that the Battlefield wouldn’t let him deliberately lose. As for his previous actions it now looked certain that his army were abandoning his command.
Only moments before the Skeleton General had passed before him without a hint of recognition.
The celestial umpires, the Ancients had obviously foreseen this and the King’s entire plan had been in vain.
He had to rethink his whole strategy.
Meanwhile the Equilord had guided his people up the field under the protection of the rampaging Steam Engine. The massive flat field soon disorientated the Horse Lord and he soon found that he had been surrounded by smaller sections of the Black army. Just as he decided to return to the relative safety of the home lines he came face to face with the army of the Black Queen.
The Equilord’s wayward movement up the field had drawn the enemy’s most powerful element into the fray and the Equilord’s army was crushed deep in enemy territory without any chance of escape.
The Black King was at a loss. He had never encountered such an undisciplined force before.
Even the most primitive savages have leadership; the members of this White army seemed to do whatever they pleased which in turn made the forces highly unpredictable.
The generations of forefathers locked in his head all spoke out at once causing him to roll at the Bullrock’s large frame in pain. Half of the voices were screaming instructions, half hurling abuse about opportunities missed. Together they made the sound of a rioting mob.
The pilots of the Monolith were closer enough to witness the Black King under what they assumed was some kind of internal attack and with limited power motored towards his position.
The ever faithful Bullrock moved the King out of position with seconds to spare and as the Monolith sat motionless and exhausted of power the Bullrock took the huge machine apart with its massive hammer till everyone inside was destroyed.
20. KNe2-f4 ……………………. 20. g3-g2
21. KBf1xg2 ………………………21. KRg8xKBg2
22. KNf4xKRg2 ……………………22. d5-d4
The Skeleton General, impressed by the University Bishop, decided that he too should take an active role and almost to flaunt his independence rode in front of the King’s battle headquarters.
Seeing the Bone army move out was the moment the patient but blood hungry Black Army Leapers had been waiting for and they moved closer to the White Army’s fortifications and the prize that all those who served a master craved.
The King’s Bishop; the Angel had been in conflict since the very start of the battle. Everything about the field had a familiar air about it, even the King all of a sudden seemed closer in spirit than before. If only it could remember and lose this confusion that had almost made it useless so far.
The Angel had visions before reaching this place of leading the army beside the King to an early and easy victory but nothing had been so far from the truth. Its King seemed confused and conflicted. Then as if these thoughts were an omen the King ordered the Angel to defend an attack from the Leapers that had taken both its priests and the Bone Generals men. This time he felt his King was right. His King was right and the Angel sought vengeance for all those the Leapers had killed with a deadly hand.
The King had finally made a decision based on his knowledge of winning not losing and the Angel had stopped the deadly Leapers from reaching home soil but the many separate battles had obscured his vision and the true state of the battlefield.
The Bullrock having battered and smashed the steam engine kept an eye on proceedings from its new lofty perch and witnessed the Angel attack on the Leapers. The Angel was undefended from a forward attack and the Bullrock knowing his King was safe plowed into the unsuspecting Bishop.
Usually an Angel fears nothing because it and it alones knows how it can die.
The Bullrock knew nothing of this, but speed, an unprepared foe and the sole purpose of removing the Angel’s head from its shoulders ticked all the boxes in the right order for dispatching this Angel.
And it was so.
The entire field came to a stand still at the moment the Bullrock struck the Angel’s head and it separated from its body. Streams of blue light burst from the open neck wound and lit the entire field with a radiance that could only be described as magical.
The Bullrock stood stunned, as its enemy fell, feeling as if all the happiness it had ever known had been drained from its very being.
Those who weren’t stunned by the blue light looked skyward and for the briefest of moments thought they saw three bearded, age weary faces peering down at them.
The Skeleton General who had caught the Bullrock attack at the last moment had no idea his movement away earlier had caused so much mayhem, and seeing the Angel killed filled him with dread – the irony of a reanimated skeleton General wondering how one kills the un-killable was lost on him.
He turned his men around and attacked the Bullrock as it had attacked the Angel with full force as it stood unprepared.
The Bullrock offered no resistance and almost seem to give itself to death as the General’s skeletal men chopped it down.
23. d2-d3 …………………….. 23. QRa8-g8
24. KNg2-f4 ……………………. 24. Qd6xKNf4
The Black King had managed to drive his collective ancestors from inside his head with the simple action of crying for his beloved Bullrock. Emotional weakness was the most effective way to drive the voices from his mind, the King had discovered this in the early days when the voices left as soon as he played with his mighty Bullrock. It was an attribute despised by those who had come before him and he was the first to bring affection to the collective consciousness. They had not yet accepted it and hoped he would grow out of it.
While grieving his beast he also took the chance to assess the situation. The Black King may be saddened but he was first and foremost a great leader. He called his Queen and she had already proved herself a capable and good wife by taking her charges and causing enemy casualties on her flank.
The Queen aware of the King’s situation and the hindrance rather than help the ancestors could cause sent her Basilisk to guard her husband and King.
This battle was not lost yet.
The Black Queen had kept her presence well hidden and had already destroyed the Horse army with a fair degree of stealth, and as she surveyed the far flank of the battlefield where the Bullrock had fallen she saw some openings.
The Skeleton General and his men were surprised at the ease with which the Elephant monster was dispatched, but felt the need to leave the area quickly as the area in which an Angel passes is home to great sorrow, an infliction that can cause depression in those that stay too long and they headed up the field. – straight into the waiting army of the Black Queen who had followed them after the attack on the Bullrock, and the General Skeleton fell.
25. QBc1xQf4 ………………. 25. h7-h6
The Black queen’s confidence had grown quite high and seeing the state of her King with the added bonus of the Shaman no longer being alive, her ambition of leading the people was a strong possibility.
This White army was losing out to strategy and it would seem its most powerful weapons, the Mountain and the steam city were now no longer a threat. She set her eyes on the White Army leader.
Having not had to move from his position overlooking the board because of his dealings with the Steam Engine, the Bishop wished he still had it running now.
He always knew its effectiveness was a short term proposition but when used to its full capacity – as he had – it was a formidable weapon. The Bishop had been viewing the Black Queen’s movements and had deemed her a willing opponent, but as the battle wore on she had become over confident and had left her flank exposed to an attack, and this would be his glory moment.
The Black Queen, concentrating on a way to penetrate the White King’s defenses was attacked by the fresh forces of the queen’s Bishop and was ill prepared for such an offensive. She died never knowing the ultimate power she craved so much.
26. QBf4xh6 ………………… 26. Kh8-h7
The Bishop’s victory had inspired the White King who had decided that winning at any cost was the only option now. The death of the Angel had shown that this battlefield was a gateway to the heavens by the powerful rays of it’s life force bursting through the cloud cover above them. The King was sure he had caught a glimpse of the three ancients as they watched from high above when the clouds momentarily parted.
The Black King could be seen near the remains of the Titan and steam engine, maybe this was the chance to end this for good.
The Bishop took his King’s advice and struck at one the smaller Black army forces who blocked its way but the crab like fire shooters had taken their toll on an already depleted group and the Bishop fell back.
27. QBh6-d2 …………………. 27. QRg8-g1+
28. Ke1-e2 ………………….. 28. QRg1-g2+
29. Ke2-e3 …………………….29. QRg2xQBd2
30. Ke3xRd2…………………….30. b6-b5
The Black King watched as his wife fell to the Bishop but had no time to think about it as the forces moved directly at him. The Bullrock’s parasites had done a fitting job of repelling the attack but fell in the process, though not before causing serious damage to the enemy.
He had never suffered such losses and if he came out of this battle victorious, there would be many a rebuilding and replacing to do. There had been many glorious deaths today and all of them would be rewarded with trips to the afterworld and glory forever.
The King however was immortal and would never know that glory – he would just be another screaming voice in his successor’s head, so losing was not an option.
He called to his dead Queen’s Basilisk.
It was now apparent that both armies had lost their sub leaders and the field was awash with minor armies drifting directionless. The Black King also noted that the White King had left himself exposed due to the Bullrock’s attack earlier and planned appropriate action.
The Basilisk snaked its way all the way down the battlefield flank, it was on this side that most of the carnage had taken place, it thought nothing of it, it had a task to perform and that was all it had in its mind.
The White King watched the serpent approach unchecked, realised too late that the majority of his army were on the opposite flank and as he positioned himself out of harms way, the Basilisk countered, placing the King in continued danger. The King then sought protection amongst the smaller primary armies, knowing all too well that in doing so he had left the subordinate but weakened Bishop exposed and the Basilisk struck, wiping out the Head of the University and his charges.
This left the White King without any regiment leaders, the White King was now a commander of small leaderless groups of men, pawns usually best used as cannon fodder.
The White King pulled himself up from his battle throne and facing the Basilisk threw off his royal robes and burst his wings from their restraints. The King faced the Black monster snake with full wingspan and smote down the beast.
Now things were even both armies were left with a King a leaderless rabble.
The Best King will win through.
31. c2-c3 31. d4xc3+
The Black King witnessed the White King transformation and saw his defeat of the Basilisk, he too realized the situation and that the battle would be fought between the two ultimate leaders without their lieutenants. He was confident of his charges that were either brought up or created to obey his every word. He would see how good this crazy winged King would do without his subordinates to help him make his decisions.
The Black King proceeded to order his remaining armies up the board.
The White King knew now from experience of earlier failures that he must win and this would be his proof that his return to heaven would be assured. Didn’t the Angel’s unselfish death in battle prove this?
The King’s first move was to sacrifice the University Bishop’s hounds, his game plan to get the Queen’s daughters to the other end and create a new Queen like the ancient’s promised.
32. Kd2xc3 32. c7-c6
The White King’s strategy was simple keep drawing the enemy in to fight and then finish off the weakened enemy.
33. b3-b4 33. a5xb4
The Equilord wouldn’t need his wave attack anymore because there was no more Equilord race full stop. They had been made extinct fighting here. The King if he had an ounce of compassion left in his body would have realized he had no compassion left. The ex Angel was fast becoming the poster boy for Demon spawn.
34. Kc3xb4 34. c6-c5
35. Kb4xc5 35. b5-b4
The Black King stood his ground and noting he had the greater number on the field watched to see if the White King’s suicidal strategy would play out. He thought not.
But he had grossly underestimated his rival.
36. Kc5xb4 36. f7-f6
The White King’s plan of sacrifice and attack had proved so successful at taking out the Black King’s outer flank and opening up a gateway for Queen promotion that the Black King was forced to action albeit several moves too late, he had called the actions foolish and was made a fool by them.
Without the King to instruct them directly the Black army was failing.
37. Kb4-c5 37. Kh7-h6
38. f3-f4 38. Kh6-h5
39. d3-d4 39. Kh5-g4
40. d4-d5 40. Kg4xf4
The Black King made his move up the board to take matters in his own hand , the only one capable of taking out this winged opposition was the Black ruler himself.
The usually reliable Little sisters, Basilisk spawn and the leaderless Steam Golums had been eliminated along with Queen’s personal guard and only his own protective army and the Shaman’s Muck Golums remained.
He needed more time.
41. Kc5-c6 41. Kf4xf5
The White King had no regrets throwing the minor armies at the Black army, they were all a means to an end. The University hounds wouldn’t be missed, if anything there would be rejoice in the streets that they were gone, such was the mess they made.
He had the Skeleton army backing his own Berserkers who looked on slavishly for the Masters orders. All he could tell them was block all who came near him.
Pawns on both side were under the impression that Kings could not attack only lead but between them the two Kings were ripping holes in each others armies.
This was correct in one sense. The Kings could only attack only when not putting themselves in direct position of attack from a pawn.
Of all pieces to work this out were the Berserkers who called for the skeletal army to protect it’s flank causing the Black King to detour.
The Black King was forced to take a better position to attack due to the Berserkers and the Skeletal armies blocking tactics but they fell one after each other as the Black King made his way towards the Queen’s pawn.
42. Kc6-d7 42. Kf5-e5
As the Black King chased down the Queen pawn, the White King was busy clearing a path for her, but he was also forced to detour due to the actions of the Black King’s guard who also new a little about delaying a King..
These were the lads that had a chance to be a future Black King once but that all was blown to bits when the White King smashed through their ranks.
43. Kd7xe7 43. Ke5xd5
As the White King cleared the final obstacle for the Queen pawn she was caught by the Black King who had as much joy destroying her as the White King did to his heirs.
Amongst the screams of the Queen’s pawn the White King ran down and slaughtered the Muck Golum who had only just had the clearance to make for the other end of the board.
44. Ke7xf6 STALE MATE
Amongst the screams of the Queen’s pawn the White King ran down and slaughtered the Muck Golum who had only just had the clearance to make for the other end of the board.
Amid all the carnage and destruction the two Kings faced each other. Covered in the dirt and blood of battle ready to fight each other to the death and as they leaped at each other………
Nothing happened.
Neither King could approach the other without putting itself at risk, the rules of the battlefield made this clear.
The battle could have no clear victor.
The battlefield could not be cleared.
Both the White and Black army’s Kings faced each other, weapons raised, veins protruding from forearms, necks and foreheads.
Nothing either could do, no matter how much force they applied, neither could get a millimeter closer to each other to strike.
The were almost nose to nose each staring directly into the other’s eyes, neither though could feel the other’s breath, all types of physical contact was blocked.
The White King wings were at their most extended, they blazed blue white and silver. It was a light of such intensity that it would have blinded his subjects back in his own Kingdom.
The Black King had the madness of countless past Kings screaming in his head driving him to an anger and frustration that bordered on insanity.
High above obscured by the white mist the three ancient Elders looked down in disbelief.
“Didn’t see this coming” said one as he quickly leafed through the large tome resting on his lap.
“Never seen such a battle fought like this one brother, it defied all the rules of common sense” said the other scratching his head with the hourglass he held.
“What happens now brothers?” said the other his staff tapping against his sandal impatiently.
There was silence as each thought about this last enquiry.
“We can’t clear the board, the battle’s not won”
“But there is always a winner brother it is how it should be, it is our rules and our rules by nature of who we are, are infallible”
“But brother, there is your proof that our laws are fallible, look they cannot strike each other, thus no one can fall to be declared beaten. They must remain until someone does. That by my reckoning, should take eternity”
”But that is impossible, infallible is exactly that. There is no contradiction to our laws”
“Well judging by those two warriors standing nose to nose down there, I think you may be mistaken”
The Elder holding the staff suddenly struck by a sudden awareness, dropped it, and as it fell its stone shone brightly.
“I think we have a serious concern brothers”
The Elder holding the hourglass realized that all of a sudden it felt bottom heavy, he held it high to discover all the sand had rested in the bottom chamber and it was now too heavy to turn.
“This is not looking good brothers” he said.
The Elder holding the book started to flick the pages of the book faster and faster, searching for anything to contradict or clause that may negate the situation on the field. Then he slammed the book shut realising, as his brothers had already surmised that the laws off the game were flawed.
“You know what this means don’t you brothers “ he said.
This simple sentence had completed a path.
All three Ancients had admitted that their laws were not absolute.
This realisation by all of the three ancient and almighty Elders meant that their existence though thought to be absolute for eons, had shown that they were indeed fallible thus denying the very essence of their power and might. By being proven wrong they could no longer absolute, which was the sole purpose of their existence, they would become nothingness and thus their world was unmade.
There was light no more.
From below, the two Kings momentarily looked skyward to see the mist swirl into a vortex and quickly spin at dizzyingly speed.
In the centre were three figures who appeared to be screaming, the White King recognised thousands of choirs of angels being thrown about around them being ripped apart in the maelstrom.
This was accompanied by a cacophony of sound like a million horns and souls screaming at once.
Then it just stopped.
The silence was a shock.
The two Kings still faced each other, still unable to touch one another, their weapons still in their hands.
They were suspended in nothingness, as far the eye could see in every direction.
Two Kings, unable to touch unable to move locked in stalemate for eternity.

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