Monday, August 29, 2011

Phase 2 Release Part 37 THE GAME ENDS

Both the White and Black army’s Kings faced each other, weapons raised, veins protruding from forearms, necks and foreheads.
Nothing either could do, no matter how much force they applied, neither could get a millimeter closer to each other to strike.
The were almost nose to nose each staring directly into the other’s eyes, neither though could feel the other’s breath, all types of physical contact was blocked.
The White King wings were at their most extended, they blazed blue white and silver. It was a light of such intensity that it would have blinded his subjects back in his own Kingdom.
The Black King had the madness of countless past Kings screaming in his head driving him to an anger and frustration that bordered on insanity.

High above obscured by the white mist the three ancient Elders looked down in disbelief.
“Didn’t see this coming” said one as he quickly leafed through the large tome resting on his lap.
“Never seen such a battle fought like this one brother, it defied all the rules of common sense” said the other scratching his head with the hourglass he held.
“What happens now brothers?” said the other his staff tapping against his sandal impatiently.
There was silence as each thought about this last enquiry.
“We can’t clear the board, the battle’s not won”
“But there is always a winner brother it is how it should be, it is our rules and our rules by nature of who we are, are infallible”
“But brother, there is your proof that our laws are infallible, look they cannot strike each other, thus no one can fall to be declared beaten. They must remain until someone does. That by my reckoning, should take eternity”
”But that is impossible, infallible is exactly that. There is no contradiction to our laws”
“Well judging by those two warriors standing nose to nose down there, I think you may be mistaken”
The Elder holding the staff suddenly struck by a sudden awareness, dropped it, and as it fell its stone shone brightly.
“I think we have a serious concern brothers”
The Elder holding the hourglass realized that all of a sudden it felt bottom heavy, he held it high to discover all the sand had rested in the bottom chamber and it was now too heavy to turn.
“This is not looking good brothers” he said.
The Elder holding the book started to flick the pages of the book faster and faster, searching for anything to contradict or clause that may negate the situation on the field. Then he slammed the book shut realising, as his brothers had already surmised that the laws off the game were flawed.
“You know what this means don’t you brothers “ he said.
This simple sentence had completed a path.
All three Ancients had admitted that their laws were not absolute.

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