Friday, September 2, 2011

Phase 2 Release Part 38 THE GAME ENDS

This realisation by all of the three ancient and almighty Elders meant that their existence though thought to be absolute for eons, had shown that they were indeed fallible thus denying the very essence of their power and might. By being proven wrong they could no longer absolute, which was the sole purpose of their existence, they would become nothingness and thus their world was unmade.

There was light no more.

From below, the two Kings momentarily looked skyward to see the mist swirl into a vortex and quickly spin at dizzyingly speed.

In the centre were three figures who appeared to be screaming, the White King recognised thousands of choirs of angels being thrown about around them being ripped apart in the maelstrom.

This was accompanied by a cacophony of sound like a million horns and screaming happening at once.

Then it just stopped.

The silence was a shock.

The two Kings still faced each other, still unable to touch one another, their weapons still in their hands.

They were suspended in nothingness, as far the eye could see in every direction.

Two Kings, unable to touch unable to move locked in stalemate for eternity.

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